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Michael Thomas

Introduction: Digital Technologies in Language Education

Jonathan B. Britten

Internet Social Networks and Co-evolution of a Globally Shared Language

Mercedes Castro

The Use of Microblogging in Language Education

Kiyomi Fujii

The Online Language Environments Board in Japanese Language Classes

Mitsuyo Sakamoto
Yohei Honda

Homepage Making and Interaction: Effects of Technology-driven
Collaborative Tasks on Social Interaction and L2 Writing


Simon Thomas

Using Wikis in an Online Socially Networked Classroom

Marcel van Amelsvoort
Yuichi Shiozaki

Developing Digital Natives at a Junior College in Japan

Jeremy White

The Use of Facebook to Improve Motivation and Academic Writing

Sayoko Yamashita
Nicholas O. Jungheim
Atsuhiro Kinoshita
Atsushi Okawa
Chikako Nakamura
Yoko Okita
Matazo Izutani

The Development and Evaluation of Multimedia Medical Simulation Software
for Medical and Communication Training


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Note: Three other conference papers were included in a special edition of the International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society, 7(2), 63-129.

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